When Life Gives You Lemons

We all know the phrase, 'when life gives you lemons' and thankfully when we've had a crappy day or need to de-stress from work or being a parent (mainly toddlers and teenagers) we can take those lemons and put them in gin. Top tip (if you don't already know) - slicing your lemons and putting them in the freezer doubles up as ice too. Frozen lemons can chill your favourite gin cocktail and freezing them keeps the lemons fresh - who needs ice anyway, it only waters down the gin. The same goes with limes, or cucumber but 'when life gives you limes and cucumbers?' doesn't quite have the same ring to it, does it? Besides, lemons are known to make your breath smell nice and the alkaline affect helps with heartburn. (I'm not a Doctor)
If you're one of the rare gin enthusiasts who doesn't appreciate the zesty flavour to your gin then lemons look really pretty in a vase, they sanitize your worktops, they make your fridge smell nice and clear up blackheads.